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About Pretengineer

Inventor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, crusader of justice, defender of Gotham city and…no wait…sorry, that’s Batman. ok really: Freelancing engineer and writer.


Latest Posts

Exercise and String Theory - The Link!

As a keen runner, I have found that there is nothing more annoying that uploading a brand new set of running songs, psyching yourself up for an awesome exercise session and then finding yourself slowly jogging down the street. Oh so slowly as you desperately try to unravel your headphones. It takes ...

Civil Engineers get Their Groove on

So we all know, engineering is cool. Engineers are cool. We live cool lives in cool houses and all day long, we do cool things. Unless you’re a civil engineer. Then, well….let’s just say it’s a shady discipline when it comes to ‘coolness’ levels.In light of this ...

Programming the Future

Good programming is about being both logical and literal. Literally.There’s a good joke floating around (not literally) about a programmer who gets sent to the shop by his wife with the instructions “get a loaf of bread, oh, and if you see eggs – get a dozen!” So naturally, ...

Passing on Unmanned Vehicles

This morning as I drove to work, I wondering to myself; ‘Why am I still doing this? Is this not 2014? Am I not meant to have some kind of robot chauffeur or intelligent unmanned driving vehicle? Why do I still have to deal with the many, many bad drivers on the roads during my morning commute ...

Engineering's Love Child

So when I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor (also a fighter pilot, a nurse and for a short but shameful period – a historian). So when it came to choosing a university course engineering was a natural choice – but the discipline was a little harder to pin down. That was before I me ...

Space Mining: Future or Fantasy?

It isn’t every day that I take some time from my work to read the various emails that end up in my inbox. You know the ones that colleagues send you – filled with Dilbert references, cat videos and obscure sci-fi references. Anyway, last week I caved and followed a link to a recently re ...