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Eve Sherrill York

Eve Sherrill York

About Eve Sherrill York

Have written online for several years on many subjects. Also use the username 'celticeagle'.

Eve Sherrill York

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A Brain Repairing Mechanism Has Been Discovered

At Karolinska Institute and Lund University a mechanism that produces new nerve cells in the brain was discovered recently.A stroke is what occurs when a blood clot blocks blood flow in a blood vessel of the brain. This causes a shortage of oxygen, many nerve cells die, and these results in sensory ...

The Boy Who Made His Own 3D Printed Hand

Each year approximately one in every 2000 children is born without part of their hands or arms. There are others who lose them due to medical complications or accidents. Many outgrown and badly fitting prosthetics are being replaced with 3D Printing projects that are customed fitted and more afford ...

The Singularity

Imagine a computer program that can recognize a person's emotions based on how they type. This is not far off. It could pave the way for computers that are actually smarter than humans. Already computers are outperforming the human in complex calculations and most mathematical tasks. But emotio ...