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Better Infrastructure Promotes Better Safety

Roads are things we all use every day and yet, we take for granted most of the times. We sometimes forget that roads need to be maintained, upgraded and monitored or they become a danger to the people using them. Road infrastructure is a crucial element for road safety. It requires detailed plannin ...

Turbo Roundabouts: Safety Through Design

Turbo roundabouts are becoming more popular as their efficiency compared to multi-lane roundabouts become more popular. Essentially, turbo roundabouts are defined as multilane oval intersections where three or four roads enter. The center island may or may not be traversable as well as spiral traff ...

3D Metal Printing & the Future of Manufacturing

There is no doubt that 3D printing is the future of today’s manufacturing business. Before, however, the printing process usually involves the use of malleable plastic. In order for this technology to become sustainable, it has to start printing in more durable metal, hence the use of ProX 30 ...

How 3D Printing Revolutionizes the Automobile Industry

The 3D printing industry has brought great advantage to today’s production market. This goes specifically to the production of auto parts. With the innovation of a 3D printer, the production of auto parts has become more efficient and economical. It is also beneficial to the environment since ...