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3 Things You Didn't Know a Printer Could Do

Printing images or data on a piece of paper is a little outdated. Today’s new generation has given inkjet and 3D printers a fresh and innovative purpose. They have changed components like extruders and motors or have programmed them with modified code. Such a process has led printer machines to create astonishing and impossible things.

1. Tattoo skin

In October 2013, a team of design students came up with an idea of transforming a MakerBot 3D printer into an automatic tattoo artist. They installed a tattoo gun instead of extruders and joined a haptic sensor to identify the differences in the skin surface. This tattoo flash art is transformed into digital files by altering the Autodesk design software that is often utilized with 3D printers. With the help of computer design, the printer successfully sketched a circle, which the designers approved as a perfect shape. Thus, in October 2013, they decided to test its accuracy on a human arm. Further, the company Appropriate Audiences have decided to launch the customer version of the machine in 2016, which is called the Tatoué.

2. Play songs:

Silviu Stroe interestingly found that the whirling of the stepper motors sounded like musical notes. The tone changed as soon as the speed changed, which indicated that the printer can play tunes. Stroe allocated specific speed and duration to each note and transformed MIDI file of Star Wars Imperial March into a code that printers can comprehend. Stroe believed that the printers have an unlimited tone range and so, it should be able to play out various types of music.

3. Cook bacon:

While eating their meal, Team Rabbit Hole came up with an idea of using a laser jet printer to cook bacon. The printer’s fuser roller gets heated up to 450°F, which liquefies the toner powder on the paper. They removed the motor and installed an electric screwdriver to regulate the speed. They then placed the bacon on the roller and within few passes, they got crunchy strips of bacon.


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