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3D Printed Cleaning Power for Your Teeth

Have you ever wished there was a way to clean and floss your teeth perfectly, every time, in seconds (six seconds, to be precise)? Well, thanks to 3D printing technology teamed with some clever dentistry know-how, now there is. The new wonder teeth cleaning system is called Blizzident and is now available.

The product is tailor-made for the individual. A 3D model of the patient’s teeth is made using either a scan of the teeth or an impression made by the dentist. Once the scan is complete, it’s uploaded onto the Blizzident website and their technicians will use the data to create your own customised tray. The tray is then populated, by hand, with 400 bristles. The Blizzident bristles are then aligned at a 45 degree angle along the surface of the teeth and along the gum-line with additional bristle being added interdentally.

The Blizzident does bear a rather alarming resemblance to an old-fashioned iron maiden torture device with a modern twist. It works simply and extremely effectively. The user just places the Blizzident into their mouth, bites and grinds on it for a few seconds and voila; perfectly cleaned teeth and gums, simultaneous flossing and a clean tongue too! The teeth are cleaned much more thoroughly and quickly in a fraction of the time taken during normal cleaning with an ordinary tooth brush.

There are about 400 bristles in one Blizzident which equates to ten times the quantity in a normal brush which means that the product also lasts longer. You’d probably need to replace your Blizzident just once a year, manufacturers claim and because your personally tailored model is stored on computer, a new one will only cost a fraction of the original.

This amazing technology doesn’t come cheap however; the dental scanning or impression-making costs between $75 and $250. The actually creation of the Blizzident device itself costs $299. Replacement brushes retail at $159 although there is a cheaper alternative where you keep the existing 3D printed tray and just replace the bristles at a cost of $89.


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