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Combat the Destructive Forces of Nature with a Hurricane-resistant Home

The natural destructive forces of a hurricane can leave behind miles of devastation. Lives are shattered and families are left behind to pick up the pieces. Aesthetics need not be sacrificed in the construction and design of a hurricane-resistant home. Building codes and regulations must be considered in the design process. Along the coastline, storm surge should be considered in the construction process. High winds must be a top priority for homes located near, but not directly on the coast. Flooding and rainwater is another problem during hurricanes. Homes can easily be ruined by rising waters or leaks.

Good quality materials are at the core of building a hurricane-resistant home. Shabby workmanship can undermine the best materials. Select a contractor that will hire a well trained professional construction crew. Ask for references from the contractor and follow-up by calling at least three references. The bid should state that the home is to be constructed with quality hurricane-resistant materials and list details.

Deltec is a company with over 45 years' experience constructing hurricane-resistant circular homes. The homes are prefabricated with a truss system in the roof and floors designed similar to the spokes of a wagon wheel for added strength. The aerodynamic shape does not allow wind to build up a substantial amount of pressure. The wind deflects off the roof without resulting in structural failure.

Most homes along the coastline are now built on a raised pier type construction. The bottom level is utilized for parking cars. The raised pier construction protects the upper level from storm surges and floods. The HVAC unit should be raised as well. Assemblies and foundations have wind access for drying after a flood event. Other homes are constructed of a masonry product on the bottom floor. Masonry products withstand moisture better than wood or gypsum board.

Andersen and Pella produce high quality storm windows and doors. Homeowners living near the coastline should insist on coastal windows and doors, which are built to withstand higher winds. A corrosion warranty is offered with some of the windows and doors. Homeowners should look for windows and doors that are impact-resistant to protect from flying debris.

Families are priceless! Consider a hurricane-resistant home when building along the coastline. Protect your family and your investment!

*Photo courtesy of Ocean Front Home by at Flickr’s Creative Commons.




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