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Elon is Leading the Campus Energy Revolution

The utilization of sustainable energy has now been greatly considered by countries, cities and even campuses. The advantages of green energy are positively overwhelming, that is why Elon is leading the energy revolution.

Elon is a top ranking private university in the United States. It is known for its program “Focuses on Student Success” wherein experiential and engaged learning is applied. The university’s faculty is committed to excellent mentoring and teaching, and works closely with the students. Located in central North Carolina, the university’s residential campus is considered as one of the country’s most beautiful collegiate environments.

While Elon is dedicated to providing quality education, the university also makes sure to continue its commitment on sustainability. And one of its efforts to show that commitment is by using green energy to power its campus and community.

The utilization of sustainable energy has been regarded as a wonderful alternative to fuel or power communities, cities or even an entire nation. Using inexhaustible and clean energy resources to generate power is one great way of saving the planet from pollution and other dangerous substances.

Knowing the advantages of green energy, Elon has already considered using it before. Aiming to become a more sustainable campus, the university is already making its plans of using sustainable energy as an alternative a reality.

In fact, work is underway in the university’s 15-acre solar farm. A solar power generating facility is being established in Loy Farm area of Elon’s campus. The farm located near South Oak Avenue is being prepared for the installation of more than 9,000 solar panels.

Solar Tight Installation or S-T-I, a company based in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, was contacted for the installation of the campus’ latest sustainable energy source. The workers have started pounding the poles on to the ground and making the rack systems. And in a few weeks, the site will be ready for the setting up of the solar panels.

The solar panels used are quite expensive and heavy. Each costs about $300 to $500 and weighs almost 40 pounds or 18 kilograms. Once every panel is placed, they will be installed facing south in a 20-degree angle. In such position, the panels will get the most direct sunrays.

Dan Anderson, University Communications Vice President, said that a 4,500 megawatt system is being built in the farm. This system can produce enough electricity to fuel more than 400 homes.

Using this sustainable energy source, fueling the campus, homes and other communities will be greener or more eco-friendly. With Elon’s efforts of setting up solar panels and dedication to sustainability, the university is definitely leading the campus energy revolution.


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