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Graphene Lighting Announces Production of Innovative Lightbulb

The announcement by Graphene Lighting to begin production of an innovative light bulb is welcome news. The light bulbs are created utilizing a super strong carbon material known as graphene. The manufacture utilizes a filament shaped LED covered in graphene. Sales of the light bulb in the UK are planned for later this year.

Government officials in the United States have placed strict regulations on incandescent light bulbs. Most stores no longer carry incandescent bulbs. Consumers quickly clear the shelves when a store receives a scarce shipment of the soon to be extinct bulbs. Soon there will be no incandescent light bulbs on the market.

Consumers complain that the spiral shaped light bulbs sell for approximately 10 times the price of incandescent light bulbs. In addition to the price, a new study by researchers at Stony Brook University claims that our current energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs emit ultraviolet light rays that are harmful to humans. The milky white phosphor coating inside the glass was believed to block the ultraviolet light. The coating often develops cracks allowing ultraviolet rays to escape from the bulb. Skin and retinal damage may result from exposure at a distance of eight inches or less. The report recommends that consumers purchase double layered bulbs and maintain a safe distance.

The fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is hazardous to human health. The EPA recommends that humans and animals should be removed immediately from the room if a fluorescent bulb is broken. Windows and doors should be opened to allow the room to air. Air conditioning and central heating systems should be turned off to keep poisonous mercury vapors from spreading throughout the house.

In lieu of these new findings, the new graphene light bulb is a welcome alternative. The graphene coating allows the bulbs to conduct electricity and heat efficiently. The bulb may be utilized in conjunction with dimming lamps and switches. The new bulb is expected to last longer than previous incandescent bulbs. The company plans to sell the graphene bulbs for much less than the traditional LED bulbs in the UK. The manufacturing components for the bulb are relatively low. Graphene Lighting believes the bulb to be a green product due to energy efficiency and the use of sustainable products. Perhaps, the graphene light bulb will soon be sold in the United States.


*Photo courtesy of Quantum Hydrogen on Graphene by UCL Mathematical and Physics on Flickr's Creative Commons. 



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