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New Keyboard Generates Power, Cleans Itself and Resists Hackers

Hackers have become better in their hacking skills and more advanced in their methods and techniques, rendering passwords insufficient and less effective at protecting computers from virtual burglars and unwanted visitors. But with the world’s ever advancing technology, engineers try to develop devices to protect computers and valuable information. And one of them is the new high tech keyboard that not only resists hackers, but generates power and cleans itself as well.

A team of researchers from one of China’s academies, the Chinese Academy of Sciences or CAS, and two public research universities, Georgia Institute of Technology and UCR or University of California at Riverside joined forces to develop the device that would help people protect their computers from hackers. And they indeed created such a device, a high tech keyboard that offers an amazingly unique kind of protection and security.

They keyboard resists hackers through identifying the owner's way of typing. It is designed to trigger an alarm when someone else is using or typing on your computer. The keyboard is also capable of recording keystrokes. which allows you to replay what the unauthorized user typed on your computer. To put it simply, the keyboard protects your computer from hackers by recognizing how fast you type, how much pressure you apply when you type on the keys, and the time between pressing those keys.

Yet, protecting your computer from hackers through sensing your unique typing pattern is only one of this highly advanced keyboard’s many features. Another highlight of this high tech gadget is its ability to convert energy.

The keyboard is designed to convert the mechanical energy, the energy you spend when you type, into actual electricity that can be used to charge commercial devices and gadgets, like your smartphone. The energy conversion happens when contact between the human fingers and the keys occurs. The mechanical energy applied during typing is then converted into local electronic signals by the keyboard without the application of external energy or power. And the faster you type, more than 100 characters per minute, the more mechanical energy is converted and electricity generated to charge your smartphone.

Another wonderful feature of this state-of-the-art device is its ability to repel dirt. The team who developed this keyboard made sure that it remains spotlessly clean and unblemished. So they built the keyboard with a special covering or coating that wards off dust and grime, keeping the device in a snazzy appearance and spiffy condition.

With this high tech keyboard, you will no longer worry about hackers. Protecting your computer and keeping valuable data safe and secure will be as easy as 1-2-3. Charging your smartphone and other electronic devices will no longer be a problem as well. In addition to that, you will not stress yourself in cleaning your keyboard for it keeps itself clean no matter how many times you use it.

The researchers, however, have not yet spoken as to when to release it to the market. But knowing what this keyboard is capable of doing, it is not a surprise that many will be excited to get their hands on it.


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