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3D Print Your Own Furniture

It seems that the flexibility of 3D printing knows no bounds. We have seen plastic, foodstuffs, metal and even human tissue all adapted to be manipulated by the 3D printing technology revolution and now even wood and brick are included in the ever growing list of printable media.

LAYWOO-D3 is a printable wood designed for use with reprap-based 3D printers. The wood/polymer composite which forms the FDM filament is incredibly realistic and even boasts its own annual rings. The finished articles not only look like real wood, they smell like it too!

LAYWOO-D3 was created in Germany by Kai Parthy of CC Products. The filament contains 40% recycled wood which is then combined with polymer binders. This means it can be melted and extruded in the same way as every other generally available 3D filament in today’s marketplace. You can also change the colour and shade of the finished product depending on the temperature of the extrusion head on your printer. You can even create a stunningly natural finish with extraordinary gradient effects by varying the heat on the head during the printing process.

The new product has a number of very useful features too. It does not warp at all either during the process or following completion; nor does it shrink and you don’t even need a heated bed whilst printing your object.

The cost of the new wood-look filament, as with most stuff that’s new to the market, is a little on the high side with $20 buying you just about 17 ozs worth of the wonder stuff. This clearly makes printing a whole new set of bedroom furniture a tad on the pricey side, but no doubt this figure will come down in due course when the initial novelty value wears off.

The latest creation from Mr Parthy is LAYBRICK. This is a rough filament and as you might expect has many of the same qualities as its similarly-named wood based cousin although it is specifically designed for use with maxi-sized 3D printers intended for landscaping and architectural modeling products. Instead of wooden-look objects, the final result is designed to resemble sandstone when the highest temperature setting is used. Smoother finishes can be achieved by reducing the temperature during printing.

Although the product is very new to the market and still in the developmental stage, it’s still suitable for experimental work. Who knows, in five years’ time we could be printing our own luxury homes and not only that, we could even furnish them with a whole range of 3D printed, self-designed bespoke wooden furniture too.


Image: Flickr

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