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Wearable Tech Takes Center Stage: Part 1

Adding a whole new dimension to the term “looking smart”, smart clothing is currently the talk of the town. Smartphones are slowly becoming yesterday's news. The world is moving on to bigger, better and more fashionable innovations, and that cool app you downloaded last week will bore tremendously when compared to what people are wearing.

So what happens when fashion and textiles are merged with electronics? You get clothes and accessories that are equipped to meet your everyday needs; fashionable gear that is a lot more functional and convenient than ever before. As wearable technology takes center stage, the latest fashion trends will soon be designed to do much more than just make you look good. The items lining up the catwalk are gaining a more practical purpose, capable of recording heartbeats, paces, and distances, making phone calls, helping you learn and even navigate around your city. 

Wearable tech in Healthcare and Fitness:

The most beneficial aspect of any sort of technology is the way it improves our lives. Beyond fun and convenience is the way wearable tech improves our health and fitness. The technology that wearables employ is optimizing just about everything in healthcare and fitness. From pacemakers and heart monitors to innovative devices like:

iTBra by Cyrcadia Health

Cyrcadia has created an alternative to the breast exam, in the form of a bra, no less. Their iTbra is capable of monitoring and keeping track of one's breast health. The bra is embedded with sensors that track the conditions and rhythms in the breast tissue. It is designed to alert its wearer of any possibility of cancer. It was tested on over 500 patients with a success rate of nearly 90% and is accompanied by an app that allows you to view the recorded information.


Smart Stop by Chrono Therapeutics

This wearable smart device is designed to help people stop smoking. It also doubles as a health coach with the innovative use of its companion app. The device features sensors that monitor changes in the body. This information is then set against motion algorithms that let the device sense when its wearer craves a cigarette and nicotine. Smart Stop then helps diminish any withdrawal discomfort by medicating the body and reduces cravings in the process. Another great thing about Smart Stop is that it comes with a companion app for your smartphone which informs the wearer about their progress and also gives information about quitting.

Wearable technology in Education:

Another great thing about wearable tech is its capacity to be utilized in the classroom. It can increase a learner's ability to interact more naturally with his or her environment. This allows learners, especially children, to be creative and innovative as they take in new information and put new concepts into practice, enhancing their learning process. Some great ideas include:


These gloves have given learners across the modern world a great new way to interact with technology. They allow for effortless data entry, 3D object manipulation, device control, telepresence and can even be used for gaming. They offer a great deal of practical uses in the classroom and have proven to build a more interactive learning environment.

Google Glass

Google Glass's ability to bring virtual reality into the classroom allows learners to have a virtual hands-on experience as they learn. Students are able to take pictures, record videos, even answer and translate questions in a foreign language. Google Glass has also made watching and learning from practical applications, such as live medical procedures, much easier.

You would be hard-pressed to find an environment where wearable tech isn't changing the way things are done. From work and school to the gym and hospital, wearables are taking over in a very positive way, changing our approach to the way things are done and allowing for more effective and convenient applications in every industry and sector.



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Wearable Tech Takes Center Stage: Part 1

Adding a whole new dimension to the term “looking smart”, smart clothing is currently the talk of the town. Smartphones are slowly becoming yesterday's news. The world is moving on to bigger, better and more fashionable innovations, and that cool app you downloaded last week will bo ... ...

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