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Wearable Tech Takes Center Stage: Part 2

Remember what happens when we incorporate technology into our clothes and accessories? That’s right, we get a whole lot more functionality from the things we wear daily. By simply combining textiles with electronics, we have changed our own idea of what convenience is and what it can be like in the future. Smart Clothing, or wearable tech, has brought with it a seemingly infinite range of applications as well. It is almost hard to wrap your head around. But what seems to have sprouted straight from the pages of a science fiction novel has not only been realized but is also well-established across the modern world.

Take a look at these incredible wearables:

The Rainbow Winters Clothing Line

Do you know what your wardrobe will really need this in winter? Color, lots of it. At least that’s what the guys at Rainbow Winters say, and who can argue? Winter can often be dull and dreary. The cold has a way of making everything seem lifeless and mundane, even the clothes we wear. Somehow, very oddly, we’ve convinced ourselves that we have to sacrifice color for the sake of warmth.

Fear no more. Amy Winters – the designer of Rainbow Winters – has set out to aid your winter wardrobe by creating garments that respond to their environment. One of the items featured in her clothing line is a dress made from holographic leather, which reacts to sound. It lights up according to the volume of noise in your surroundings and interprets it to display what the designers call “visual music”. It is incredibly appealing to witness and would be an ideal addition to your wardrobe.

Shift Sneaker by Rehabstudio

This is possibly the best sneaker you’ll ever own… ever. The need to purchase different sneakers in every color in order to match your outfits has been taken care of by the Shift Sneaker. With the Shift Sneaker, all you’ll need is one; one sneaker to rule them all. Created by UK-based fitness company Rehabstudio, it uses innovative textiles that allow the wearer to change and customize its look. You can change the color of the shoe and its patterns to match your mood or appearance by using the shoes’ companion app. It's also not a fragile and delicate shoe that has to be protected from the harsh elements or intense impact. Along with over a million combinations, The Shift Sneaker is tough and durable, so it is both the perfect fashion statement and fitness companion, regardless of whether you are sporty or chic.


The TouchMan Glove by AiQ Smart Clothing

Despite the name, this particular innovation has nothing to do with touching men. However, when the weather gets a bit chilly, it will definitely help you keep in touch with people a lot more seamlessly and keep you from getting frustrated with your devices.

Ever noticed how your touch panel device either responds very poorly or not all to the touch from a gloved finger? This usually forces you to remove your gloves in order to effectively utilize the device; exposing your hands, perfectly warm and snug, to the cold elements which you had thoughtfully protected them from. This winter, with the TouchMan gloves at your disposal, never again will you be forced to bend to your touch screen’s demands for constant skin-to-panel interaction. Made with the most comfortable variant of stainless steel fiber, the TouchMan gloves allow you to precisely and accurately use your touchscreen device without the need to remove your gloves. The gloves’ fingertips have conductive yarn woven into them. They will never oxidize, so they’re safe to use and are completely washable as well.


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Wearable Tech Takes Center Stage: Part 2

Remember what happens when we incorporate technology into our clothes and accessories? That’s right, we get a whole lot more functionality from the things we wear daily. By simply combining textiles with electronics, we have changed our own idea of what convenience is and what it can be like ... ...

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