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World's First Integrated Biomass-Geothermal Plant Brings Sustainable Energy Source

Renewable energy has often been dismissed by critics as being too variable for very high penetration due to its reliance upon the sun (solar energy) or wind (wind energy). Solar energy is great, but it's only available for a short period of time when it's not raining. Tidal and wind are only available in some areas. Other renewable sources such as biomass energy have proven to be unreliable in terms of cost and resources.

But this does not mean that we abandon plans for renewable technologies and return to fossil fuels. The key to greater use of them is to combine them with other renewable energy sources, making them more effective and reliable. This is already being done successfully in some countries like in Italy, where Enel Green Power built the world's first integrated geothermal-biomass power plant

Enel Green Power, a global leader in hybrid renewables engineering, has built a 5-megawatt biomass power plant in Tuscany, which integrates biomass energy with geothermal steam generation. The 5-megawatt biomass power plant will use locally sourced forest organic matter and agriculture wastes to increase geothermal steam temperatures and boost the energy efficiency and output of the nearby 13-megawatt Cornia 2 geothermal power plant in Tuscany, Italy. Steam temperatures in the Cornia 2 geothermal plant will be raised from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to over 700 degrees Fahrenheit. This will result in a more effective power generations, increasing Cornia 2 geothermal plant's overall output by about 30 gigawatt hours a year (Gwh).

And it's not just about increasing the plant's net electricity generation capacity, the integration also mitigates the emission of 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually. This innovative power solution will result in minimal environmental impact and greater energy efficiencies.

Enel Green Power is no stranger when it comes to coupling of different renewable technologies and building hybrid engineering projects. It designed and built the world's first solar-geothermal hybrid power plant in Fallon, Nevada, which combines the two sources of energy (solar and geothermal energy) to boost the overall electricity production capacity. Enel is also responsible for the design and construction of the Fontest Solar plant in Brazil, which integrates solar energy with wind energy.

Image Source: GreenPeace

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